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Top Free QR Code Generators




QR stands for Quick Response, and we are talking about the QR codes. Most of the smartphone like Android powered and iOS devices have the QR decoders it means they can read the QR code. It is pretty much impressive to share your QR code of vCard ,

Website with friends. So we have brought you some of the best and top free QR code generators . QR code generators are very useful , beside vCard, business card you can also create text, links , phone number and even a SMS.

Later you can share them and then they could be decoded by the phone camera easily. You can go through the list below for best QR code generator .

Top Free QR code Generators


Beqrious is on the top of the list of free qr code generator. Check out the list below for the services it supports

  • Text
  • SMS
  • vCard
  • Phone
  • Youtube video
  • Facebook Profile
  • Twitter Profile
  • Map
  • Graphic

It supports lots of services and you can use it for creating the QR code for almost everything.


Delivr is another great QR code generator. This service is workable with the following lists.

You can download the QR code in different formats like JPG, PNG, EPS and SVG . There are many color options and along with the size of the Code.


Zxing is very trusted QR code generators available online. You can use Zxing for many services which are listed below

  • Calander Event
  • Phone
  • vCard
  • Geo Location
  • SMS
  • Text
  • WiFi Network


GOQR is a very user friendly and simple QR code generator. Biggest advantage is that you can select custom size for the QR code, Which could be used according to the usage.

  • Text
  • SMS
  • Phone
  • vCard

You can Download the QR Code even in the large size.

Mobile Bar-codes

Mobile bar code is specially designed for extra usage and promotion of QR code. However it is not offering QR Code for vCard and business card. Beside that it has some cool service which could be used

  • Message
  • URL
  • Phone
  • SMS
  • Email


Kaywa is also Top free QR Code Generators. It comes with support, you can sign up and your QR code would become safe. Although it has limited service for QR code

  • URL
  • Text
  • SMS
  • Phone Number
  • Contact

These are the best and top free QR code generators, use them for your business card, vcard. May be you can put your business card QR code on your t-shirt . Its gonna be cool.

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